Construction of a data collecting and analysis software for analyzing dividend paying stocks for long-term investment. The system needs to provide short response times and should provide all data on as few screens as possible.

Time period



Data collection is done by PHP-based web crawlers, data for analysis tasks is provided by a JavaScript-based front-end and a PHP-based backend system providing REST API. MySQL database stays in the background.


Vue.js reactive JavaScript framework drives the user interface on the front-end (similar to Facebook’s React),  Google Charts for the charts, Slim PHP framework for providing REST API. Data collection uses the plugin-architecture developed in the GMA project.


I have learned the dividend growth stock analysis method of Dávid Sólyomi for analyzing dividend paying stocks for long-term investment. As a drawback of his method, I have found difficult to gather data for the analysis from various sources. This feeling of discomfort called this system alive. One of its main tasks is to collect data in a scheduled manner from various sources freely available on the internet. Other main task is to provide a sufficiently fast-responding user interface for analysis and decision preparation.

The system is currently not available publicly, although access can be granted upon request — language of the system is currently Hungarian, but I can translate it easily if I see a stable need for that.