Catholic Church of Hungary


renewal of the main website of the Catholic Church of Hungary with the integration of various external services developed independently

Time period



Java platform, Groovy language, Tomcat web server, MySQL database engine, JavaScript on the front-end.
Hosting of the system is done by the customer.


Groovy on Grails, jQuery on the front-end side.


Goal of this project was the complete renewal of the main website of the Catholic Church of Hungary. The customer adhered to Java-based technologies and Tomcat-based server environment that was proven in our other projects. Former design project of the customer resulted in a design plan that I had to stick with. A special request of the customer was to create a unique content management system where content editing is integrated into content presentation in a seamless manner, meaning that the final view of the content can be edited directly by a non-obtrusive editing toolset.

An emphasis was put on the event calendar and the integration of previously and independently developed systems like the Bible reader, liturgic calendar, moving fiests and a document library. Due to the size of the customer’s organization, a complex and sophisticated user and access right managament was also incorporated into the system.

As an additional task, migrating the numerous documents of the old website into the new system was also imposed, as well as the placement of advertising banners throughout the site, the changing colors of the portal according to the liturgic colors of the ecclesiastical year and finally the introduction of multi-lingual support on the majority of the site (English and Italian beside Hungarian).

The website can be visited on the following address: