Catholic Church of Hungary


full arrangement of the St. Imre fellowship program, by supporting the process from the announcement through the evaluation process until the payment processing via a financial institution.

Time period



Java platform, Groovy language, Tomcat web server, MySQL database engine, JavaScript on the front-end.
Hosting of the system is done by the customer.


Groovy on Grails, jQuery on the front-end side.


Full process of the tender comprises of two semesters, which starts with the announcement and continues with the submission, evaluation, contracting and finally the processing of payment data via a financial institution. Supporting this process required the realization the most effective, most simple user interface that is possible in this setting, which was created by a continuous refinement process together with the administrators involved in the tender government.

The system’s language is exclusively Hungarian, screenshots are therefore presented here on this language. Sensitive personal data are not shown as the screenshots contain only dummy data.