Manufacturer of Mauna outdoor footwear


replacement of old, hard-to-maintain website by a modern, user-friendly webshop, blog and information site that can be managed by the customer.

Time period



PHP-based content management system backed by MySQL database.
Hosting of the system is done by the customer.


WordPress content management system with WooCommerce e-commerce module. Appearance is constructed by using and heavily customizing Zerif Lite theme.


An information website has to be constructed that is a front page for introductory page, services, blog and webshop. Most important part of the website is the webshop providing detailed information and the possibility of purchase of high quality Mauna outdoor footwear manufactured in Hungary. As the number of products is relatively low, as well as expected traffic, capabilities of WooCommerce module for WordPress is found satisfactory, this way major part of the development was the meticulous customization of these systems.

The website is publicly available on the address of