Center of Job Knowledge Research, Amsterdam


Developing a test based on a given conception that is able to measure the general mental abilities of the user (this is somewhat similar to IQ testing) while being able to integrate with multiple web-based systems and frameworks.


User interface is 100% JavaScript-based program running in common web browsers. Server-side logic has been developed on PHP platform, data reside in MySQL database. The system can be used as a standalone application, but it is also integrated with WordPress and Typo3 web content management systems.
Hosting is done by the customer.


User interface uses jQuery, on the server-side a custom-built plugin-architecture-based system ensures flexibility.


The customer wants to support the human resources selection process by the assessment of general mental abilities of the candidates. Currently available IQ tests were not found to be adequate for this purpose, the development started this way based on an own conception. Fist step of this is the system that has been developed, the purpose of which is mainly data collection for the next phase of development of an intelligent testing system that will be able to assess the level of abilities of the candidate with the least number of questions necessary.

Creation of the test imposed a lot of challenges since numeric, textual and image-based questions are simultaneously present in the tests. Majority of test questions are generated by the system via various algorithms, while a minor part of questions are randomly selected from certain sets, ensuring this way the appropriate randomness of the questions and raising difficulties in getting to know the test. A number of statistics is created from the test fills, almost every click, selection and correction is recorded, which serves as a basis of determining difficulties of questions.

Integration with third-party web content management systems is done via custom plugins, tailoring the appearance of the test as well, enabling this way the seamless integration into the receiving page. The integrated test picks on the user management of the receiving system, which is ensured by a certain method of cross-authentication. During the project, integration solution has been created for WordPress and Typo3 content management systems, however the system is usable as a standalone software as well.

It was important for the customer that the cost of system operation should be as low as possible in the beginning, which naturally emphasized the selection of the PHP platform.

The system is freely available in this phase on the General Mental Abilities test website, please give it a try.