Catholic Church of Hungary


significant extension of the countrywide used software system managing all the catechists, divinity groups, schools, educational venues.

Time period



Java platform, Groovy language, Tomcat web server, MySQL database engine, JavaScript on the front-end.
Hosting of the system is done by the customer.


Groovy on Grails, jQuery and Vue.js on the front-end side.


the already existing, cleaned and improved system was extended by a great number of functions within multiple development phases and during more than a year of time. Among others, these included the followings:

  • simplification of user interface in lot of the cases, including more dynamic, AJAX-based workflow according to the feedback of end-users
  • introduction of a number of new data validation and control
  • extension of the data categories managed by the system, including the extension of user interfaces where needed (including data required by the payroll calculations of the catechists)
  • a number of data export functions in Microsoft Excel format in order to fulfill reporting requirements of the state and payroll calculations
  • introduction and later transformation of group merges (peer groups) first at progress logs, then considering its success among users, it was introduces also at compulsory and facultative divinity groups
  • “time machine” function to cover the needs of report comparing multiple time periods
  • introduction of managing holidays and periods of illnesses
  • introduction of reactive, JavaScript-based user interface at the progress logs (being the most used part of the system), in order to improve the smoothness of its usage

The system’s language is exclusively Hungarian, screenshots are therefore presented here on this language. Sensitive personal data are masked on them.