Hungarian branch of a multinational bank (I was a contractor of a small enterprise winning the tender)


Transformation and loading of an ontology containing description and structural relationships of jobs (single or complex units of tasks executed within the system) running in the banking systems into a Semantic MediaWiki system that is able to present semantic relationships among jobs and other entities and is suitable for human analysis, along with the synchronization of the Wiki contant with the changed occuring in the ontology.

Time period



A command-line Java application was created by applying frameworks below


OWLApi , Java Wiki Bot Framework, Semantic MediaWiki


The customer wanted to have a human-digestible overview of system processes and tasks. Solution of the main contractor was a comprehensive analysis within which activities (jobs) and complete processes have been registered in the ontology, also making the registration of relationships among jobs, processes and user roles possible. Ontologies, however, are better suited for automated (machine-based) processing as human analysis. It was needed therefore to present information registered in the ontology in a human-consumable form – that was my job in this project. During this work, I have selected Semantic MediaWiki as a suitable tool for presenting complex structure in a digestible manner. It was able to handle relations among elements, categorize and search based on those. Other advantage of this system was a familiar user interface, as it resembles Wikipedia in many aspects. In theory, this system was able to import OWL ontologies, in practice, however, it was not working. My main task therefore was the creation of a specialized application realizing the import and conversion of job ontology, as well as detecting nominal and structural changes of the ontology and updating the content of the Semantic MediaWiki system accordingly.

This contact and the system itself is covered by an NDA, more details of operation or images of the system cannot be published therefore.