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Software Development

This is my main profile. I create custom-built software based on individual concepts, being the simplest registry or a complex system requiring innovative solutions or research. Most of the time – but not exclusively – I create two- or three-tier applications with web-based user interface.

Website Design

Designing websites via individual solutions or by using frameworks (my favorite is WordPress) or extending frameworks with plugins requiring minor or major development tasks. This, however, is usually mixed with software development since the majority of software works on the web these days.

Metatrader Development

Creating systems based on individual concepts on the MQL4 platform of Metatrader 4, being a simple indicator or a complex expert advisor (trading robot). If you can precisely define the logic of your system, I am able to implement it. This is also true to the platform of ForexTester 2, if you would like to test a more manual strategy.

Lotus Notes Development

Lotus platform enables the rapid development of custom idea. Simple systems can be realized completely within the Notes client, more complex ones can be done via web-based user interface backed by the Lotus Domino server. I also have experience to connect and integrate this platform with various other systems.

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I am Dr. Barna Kovács, independent software developer. Since the age of 8 I was curious about how computers work, how and why they do what I see. From about that time I do programming - although I always studies economics since I thought why learn something that I already know.

I have been visiting an economic college when I volunteered to develop a software system for a department of a local hospital as my thesis work. This was my fist ever assignment. I have been consulting and planning with great enthusiasm - but the realization was way over my capabilities that time. I have to give up and I am still ashamed of it. That was a huge slap. Then I have made a resolution that this will never happen again. What I undertake, I always finish to the satisfaction of the customer.

Since university I develop more complex custom-built software and systems. My job as a research associate at the university has offered a number of opportunities to join Hungarian and European Union research projects where I have created software systems as part of international development teams.

Finally, after earning the doctoral degree and the birth of four children I realized that among all the diverse and colorful works at the Univeristy I still enjoyed the creation of various software the most. This way, I have become independent to do what I like the most - developing software.

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